Your Guides


Ashok Gangadean, PhD is a distinguished Professor of Global Philosophy at Haverford for the past forty-five years. He has been called a “stand-up” philosopher, a “pioneer” of the frontier global wisdom and global consciousness. He is Founder-Director of ((GDI)) which cultivates ((Deep Dialogue)) for humanity in our global age, and deeply appreciated by his students for his warm presence, playful and poetic spirit and wide-ranging intellect.


Nedra Fetterman, PhD teaches at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine as a Clinical Associate in the Department of Psychiatry and is a Faculty Member of Imago Relationships International. A gifted teacher and workshop presenter with a clinical practice in Ardmore, she has been coaching couples in a ((deep dialogue)) process for the past 20 years. Nedra is known for her warmth and passion, helping her students deepen their reservoirs of joy, wonder and wisdom.


This ((Initial and Inaugural Sanctuary)) will be followed by a 6 month curriculum of study and coaching in the ((Deep Dialogue Arts)) and ((Wisdom-in-Action)). The first ((meeting)) will be Saturday, May 11 from 1 PM – 4 PM. The other 4 meetings will be on the second Saturday in September, October, November and December.  ((Coaching)) facilitates a ((deeper integration of the learning, reflections and wisdom of the Sanctuary)). See Registration page for further details.