I’m still in disbelief that two the most influential thought leaders globally, Ashok Gangedean and Nedra Fetterman are right in our backyard in Philadelphia!  I have traveled across the country in order to attend lectures, workshops, seminars and retreats from thought leaders to learn, grow and develop personally, professionally and spiritually, never realizing the diamonds (Ashok & Nedra) in my own backyard.  The wisdom, experience and insights that Ashok and Nedra have to share as individuals is unmatched.  The opportunity to participate in the ((sanctuary)) with both Ashok and Nedra in a ((sacred space)) is once in a lifetime.

My life is significantly better because of the influence and teachings of Ashok and Nedra.  The only thing more transformational than their insights is what I learn from being in their ((presence)).  Please join us, to celebrate the experience of feeling ((ALIVE)), feeling ((CONNECTED)), and to learn invaluable practices and tools that will serve you on your journey ahead, no matter where you are on the ((path)).
“Out beyond wrong doing and right doing is a  ((sanctuary)), we are so excited, to meet you ((there)) !  Please join us!

With Love,

John Paul Mantey