Invitation from Ashok

March 29, 2013

Dear Friends of our ((Global Philosophy Forum)):

Re: Invitation to our Inaugural ((Deep Dialogue Sanctuary)) Weekend Intensive

Friday, April 19th through Sunday April 21st 2013
at Haverford College- Margaret Gest Center

For more information please visit:

Our ((Global Dialogue Institute)) = ((GDI)) is delighted to announce the Inaugural Event of our Deep Dialogue Sanctuary Intensive.

As you may know our GDI ((Philosophy Forum)) has been evolving continuously for over fifteen years here at Haverford and we have been featuring several of the frontier thinkers and innovators of our time. It has become clear over the past two decades that we are in the midst of an unprecedented evolutionary shift that has been emerging on a planetary scale over millennia. Our great wisdom, enlightenment and spiritual traditions are in
consensus that we humans are maturing from a more ego-based form of life to a more healthful dialogical, integral and holistic human form. Our collective global wisdom converges on our maturation from /monologue/ to ((Dialogue)).

In this global light our cultivation of the Literacy of ((Deep Dialogue)) is at the heart of our great wisdom, enlightenment and spiritual traditions. It encodes the evolutionary edge of our epic journey as a species to awakened, mindful and flourishing dialogical beings.

In recent years many of you have been approaching me to offer further educational opportunities for in-depth, intensive follow through in the emerging evolutionary ((literacy)) of ((Deep Dialogue)) which is a central focus of our planetary wisdom and enlightenment teachings. This Inauguration of our ((Deep Dialogue Sanctuary)) is in response to this felt need for intensive follow through.

My work in Deep Dialogue over the past decades has been to pioneer the frontier of awakening global consciousness, brining the power of Global Wisdom, Global Enlightenment and Spirituality to our maturation as humans for all aspects of life. My work as Founder-Director of ((GDI)), and as Director of the Margaret Gest Center for Dialogue across all borders makes clear that we humans in our evolutionary journey are moving
from /monologue/ to ((Dialogue)).

More recently Dr. Nedra Fetterman and I agree to combine our diverse technologies of Deep Dialogue to co-create an unprecedented opportunity for all interested to join us in experiencing the awakening and transformative power of ((Deep Dialogue)) for all life.

Nedra has been pioneering her art of mindful Deep Dialogue over the past twenty years in our Region focused on working with couples to heal their broken relationships, and to assist all couples in maturing into higher forms of meaningful relationship.

Each of us feels passionately that a life in ((dialogue)) is not just a tool of communication, but more significantly, that we are ((Dialogue Beings)). Please experience the three short video samples under “Dialogue Sanctuary Videos” at our website:

You will also get a sense of our Program flow under “Event Details”. And I have placed a Reflection on ((Entering the Sanctuary of Deep Dialogue)) under “Documents” at this site. This ((Reflection)) will go in greater depth into the emergence of our ((Sanctuary)).

Nedra and I are obviously quite excited about this co-creative innovation and very much look forward to having you with us in this ((Inaugural)) Event. As you will see we also offer the opportunity for a follow up ((Seminar)) to pursue this vital ((Dialogue for Life)) topic in greater depth over a six month period.

Hope to ((meet you)) there.
Warmly, Ashok
Margaret Gest Professor of Global Philosophy (Haverford College)
Founder-Director of the ((Global Dialogue Institute))

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